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    Riding conditions at Lake Hartwell

    We are a group of 6-8 riders planning a trip to Lake Hartwell the first week of October. Has anyone on the Greenhulk done any riding there lately and offer a opinion on the conditions at the lake. We are coming from Pennsylvania and have heard the water level is down considerably. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks

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    i think your in the wrong ride section

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    I think he posted in the right spot since Lake Hartwell is on the state line between Georgia and South Carolina.

    I haven't been out to Lake Hartwell yet but plan on it in a few weeks. I can let you know how it is when I get back. I found a web site you can monitor the lake level which appears it's really low here:

    You can also check out this web site for lake, camping and lodging info here:

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    We spent a few days last month on the lake and the water is WAY down you can see 20-30 feet? of shoreline where water use to be so instead of seeing water then a nice green tree line you will see clay dirt and docks that are sitting on the bank because of water level, the lake water is clear and it has some big water when you get close to the Damn we were there for the races that weekend and after riding the lake I would not make a special trip just to ride I assume you have a reason to go besides just riding if so its not a bad lake but if you are going just to ride you will pass a lot of other lakes to ride that would be better on your way down

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