I took my jet ski out on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I fished the buoys of the Baltimore Channel in the Chesapeake Bay using live eels for bait. I caught over thirty cobia in those three day, most of them being between thirty six and 45 inches. I kept one each day.

This brings my season total to over a hundred cobia landed on my ski. This is my best year yet for quantity but not for size. It has been a blast! Yesterday was flat as glass in the morning and I manged cross the bay at 55 miles an hour. For the first time, by myself I free netted a 42 inch cobia that was following the one I had hooked. It was crazy as it went crazy. I let them both go. I also fished some structure at York River Reef catching a couple small Sheepshead.

After fishing on Saturday morning I went back home and my wife and I went to New Point Comfort Light, we checked out the beach and a big school of dolphins. I also got some pictures of a bunch of Pelicans.