Hey everyone, I can't get water out the hole at the rear under the tie down loop. I can see water trying to come through while its on the trailer with the hose attached but I never get a flow. I used compressed air to see if it was plugged (either way) and it isn't. I know on my xp800 I was able to pinch off one of the hoses going to the rear and it forced water out and started a good stream again after is sucked up a little mud, but this one, nothing.

Any ideas? I want to take it out and ride but until I can get some cooling flow I don't want to waste time or effort or $$ getting it anywhere if it's just going to be a problem.

Its all stock, super clean and has been taken care of but has been sitting for about 8 years (so crank seals are done and I have to pinch the oil lines off when storing...).