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    2000 Polaris SLX 1200 Exhaust Pipe problems

    i have a 2000 polaris slx 1200 jet ski.. which was bought brand new in 2002. i have never ever had a problem with it until now. A little over a year ago i was beginning to notice water in the bilge of the ski, at first i figured it was the plugs at the back so i made sure everything was tight back there and it was. So then i went on to trying to diagnose the water problem and it did not take long to find out that the all 6 exhaust pipe bolts were loose. I took them all off and ordered a new gasket and put it back together with lock tight. The pipe did not seem to sit right and it was hard to get all the bolts back in easily which let to one of the top four threads to become stripped. We helicoiled the thread... i think thats what we did.. but anyways we fixed the thread.. but since then i have had soo many problems. I have replaced the gasket twice now because the bolts keep coming loose. and it still just will not fit right. i am almost to the point that i am going to buy a new exhaust pipe and manifold (because there is one on ebay now for $50). but before i do that i was wondering if anyone on here knows of an aftermarket pipe i could by or also if anyone else has ever had this problem. The jet ski is currently taken apart now because last week the exhaust began to leak for the 3rd time since the beginning of last summer. This year i thought i had the problem solved. i put around 75 hours on it with not one problem, but then water began to blow through the gasket. Any help would be much appreciated. I think i would be really interested in an aftermarket exhaust system.

    And also one more question. there are two exhaust pipes on ebay. one is for a 2000 Polaris SLX 1200.. part number 1261063-093 for around $180. And the other one is for a 1998 SLTX 1050... part number 1260812-093 for only around $50. Both of these exhaust look identical to me. but for a way different price. could someone tell me if there is a difference.. or if i could put this on my ski.

    thanks for the help

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    pretty sure the pipes are the same only the brass fitting at the top is different.sound like the mating surfaces between the pipe and manifold were damaged from moving around metal to metal

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    Before you spend on stupid prices. Check with John Zigler on here. WATCON. SOME EBAY PRICES ARE NUTS. check the mating surfaces for damage. Also did you torque it to specs.

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