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    2011 RXT 260...Strange thing happening.

    So this past weekend I was out on my 2011 RXT 260 all stock with the exception of a 4"intake and while riding I noticed that cruising at any constant speed the speed readout on my gauge and needle was fluctuating all over. So I held it wide open and hit around 69-70 which is normal and I felt the ski fall on its face for a second when it hit the speed limiter and actually saw 74 mph on the gauge. I then held constant speed at 65 and it was jumping up to 73, 74mph on the gauge once again and hitting the speed limiter. I stopped and shut it off and then restarted and it was still acting the same way. I brought back into the shore and disconnected the battery and let it sit for 5 mins. reconnected the batter and went back out. Problem solved no more erratic speed readings nor speed limiter kicking in. I then set the cruise at 57 and held it like that for about 5 mins and heard a loud warning bell and noticed the check engine light came on for a second. I let off the throttle and it went away. WTF!! Has anyone else experienced this? Thanks.

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    Suspension ski or not? Look at the error codes. I had something similar happen to mine. It was the big connector block below the gauge cluster leading to the engine. It comes loose a little bit and I have to reach in there and squeeze the pieces back together until I feel a very small "click". (I'm only squeezing about 1mm or so) Check that out first. You can't see the problem with the naked eye so just take out the storage bucket, reach in there and just squeeze any connector you see. That may do it. Sometimes those things flop around in there because on my iS ski, it has to be suspended to deal with the moving deck. I'm not sure how different a non-iS setup is.

    Also, I've heard about TPS (throttle position sensors) going bad. Could be that to. I'm sure the real experts will chime in, I'm just sharing a similar issue from my ski and what it ended up being.

    Here is a pic with my front storage bucket out and deck raised all the way up looking back.
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    No my rxt doesn't have the suspension. I will have to look to see where that plug is located on mine. Thanks for the info I will start there. I just hate chasing ghosts and stupid stuff like this. Its still under warranty so we will see if I can't find the problem first.

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