07 RXT 215. Take off seemed a little sluggish but it seemed ok at top end. I couldn't kick up as much spray on tight turns either. When I got back to ramp and pulled plugs it drained about a minute where normally it would only be about a second. A friend suggested I fill the hull up with water and see if water would come out by the drive shaft. I did this but I only filled the hull to about half way up the accordian boot. I started the engine and didn't notice any water coming out. I was afraid to put too much water in the hull and have the engine suck up some water somewhere. I then decided to to try attaching the garden hose and see if it was leaking through the exhaust and BINGO! The small 4" hose was trickling in pretty good where it connects the metal J-pipe to the water box. I retightened the hose clamp and tried again and it didn't seem to be leaking.

I want to make sure this is my only problem. Do I need to put more water in the hull to test the carbon seal?
I am just nervous putting water in the hull and to get it over the accordian boot would also put water by the supercharger hose which makes me very nervous. Or was the weight of the water from the J-pipe hose clamp leaking causing me to bog down at start up?
Thanks for any input guys!