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    Boost question......

    Curious question.

    Say an xcharger builds 200 degrees of intake air heat and needs 450cc of fuel per minute to have afr of 11.7 @11psi boost How would that compare to a bigger charger like the 2rude also at the same 11psi. I know the 2rude will make more heat, need more fuel etc at higher boost levels, just wondering how they compare at same boost level.

    I would "assume" that a 2rude and xcharger would have the same fuel needs at the same 11psi boost and generate similar heat. Is that assumption correct? Would the 2rude build less heat because with larger wheel its doing it at lower rpm and not working so hard?

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    seems more rpms means more heat
    but as long as your intercooler can handle the extra heat
    and AIT are the same, fuel need would be similar

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    Its all about charge density, the same boost at the same temp needs the same fuel. The same boost at a lower temp needs more fuel (charge is more dense). The same boost at a higher temp needs less fuel.

    A supercharger will build as much boost as it can at a given RPM, they dont operate like a turbo where boost is related to engine load, the boost they generate is based solely on how fast they spin and how much air they can move. A bigger charger can make more boost because it can move more air at a given rpm.

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