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    Finally cracked MSX 150 overheating.

    Fought this overheating for 3 months. Finally figued the overheating problem. The head gasket is slowly leaking. It leaks down slightly. Now I am stumped on what to do, Retorque head? Additive to seal it? Replace gasket? Auctions off unit? Is replacing this gasket a nightmare with a timming chain? It is a very slight leak that happens at higher RPMs. Someone said 15 hours labour to change. What?

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    Are you confident that this slow leak in the head gasket is causing overheating?

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    You using a leak down tester to test this? How do you know the head gasket is leaking? And how would that cause overheating? Is it sucking up all your coolant?

    As for head gasket change. Yeah... it would be a BIG effort. You have to cut the cam chain... and while the links are cheap ($3)... keeping the chain taunt so it doesn't drop into the engine and/or jump a tooth on the counter-balance sprocket is very tough to do while pulling the head off the top. But before you even get there... you have to unbolt the intake (not too bad) and then remove the exhaust manifold/turbo. This is a PITA because it's on studs and you have to rotate the engine a bit to get the clearance to get it off... which also means you have to remove the coolant/water heat exchanger (under the intake) to get the room to rotate it. You will basically be going through most of the same steps as removing the engine. Then when you do get the intake, exhaust and cam chain out of the way you still have to get the head off. If your engine overheated anything like mine... then your plastic alignment tubes that ride on 4 of the 8 head studs will be melted to crap and make getting the head off the studs a serious PITA! Lots of prying and rubber malleting in my case.

    So not to discourage you... but let's hope it's not your head gasket.


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