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    Waveraider 1100 flooding help please

    Hey guys IV just converted from pwctoday I wasn't getting much response there.

    I picked up a wave raider cheap. Was down on compression. Replaced the blown head gasket I now have 125psi per hole. I started the ski and it just flooded everything and I couldn't start it. So I rebuilt the carbs. After re installing them the ski would start and run on cylinder 1 and 2. Cylinder 3 was wet.
    If I turned the fuel tap off with plugs 1 and 2 out, after a few cranks I could get cylinder 3 to fire till it ran out of fuel. Turn the fuel back on and it floods.

    So I pulled the carbs and found 2.5 mm seats. That's more then 2 time bigger then stock. I read that stock is 1.2 but it should run on 1.5, lucky for me I had 3 1.5 sitting around. So I installed them but I'm still having the same problem.

    Why am I getting to much fuel?
    Can anyone tell me the carb rebuild specs? Springs/seats/jets any help would be good the ski is doing my head in
    thank you

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    What springs do you have? And did you put the pulse line back on? Have you checked the small check valves in the carb valve bodies? Also the different o-rings could shot and need to be replaced.

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