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    5mm stroker 65u FTP....etc Need info

    Osidebill said your the man to speak to ...........?
    Gp1200 N|PV
    5mm stroker 1100 63m
    48mm Novis
    12 vein magnum pump 14\20
    V-force 2 reeds \space
    Side draft manifold
    Riva domes 160psi
    factory triple pipes
    hot tach race gas
    Dual cooling
    and etc
    What am I wanting to know is about jetting specs?
    What size N\s, low jets, high jets, spring, temperatures on pipes,speed and revs.
    Just need a starting point to set up the carbs.

    Kind Regards

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    Elio why dont you just get Todd to finish the job properly for you,at least you will have piece of mind that the job is done properly,just my 2 cents

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    Elio I do not see Tim post here very often any more. I know a few of the guys have his number I will see if I can round it up. Post your same request in the old school section you might be surprised at the responses you get. This is not the same as Riva or PWCYesterday

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    Try him here

    [email protected]

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    Quote Originally Posted by WFO View Post
    Try him here

    [email protected]

    As WFO said...........try him at his business e-mail..........he checks that on a more regular basis than this Forum.

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    Sorry for the delayed answer to your post,been busy and have not posted much,drop me a line and I will help with the spec`s,thanks TJ

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