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    Hi Everyone,

    I am hopefully going to look at a couple of ski's in the next few days. It will be my first one. I have found a really clean 1997 GTI. It looks like it is well cared for and garaged but I will still take the proper precautions. Is 150 the optimal psi on the 717 engine? Also, where do I ground the spark plug wires when doing the compression test? Do I just keep having it turn over until the meter maxes out? Is there anything else I should look for? What are decent realistic hours on a machine this old? I am crazy excited to get one, I just don't want to reach for junk.
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    take a few extra spark plugs with you and use them to ground them out on any motor bolt, take out one spark plug at a time, give it full throttle as you turn the motor over till the gauge can not increase any more psi, to get a good reading it has to be a fully charged battery

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    Sorry, the one spark plug check dont work as some claim. You get the max rpm with them out. With one in and gauge in other hole is same as cranking with both plugs in. Duh! If battery is not low, readings will be good. You should not need to here it pop more than 5 times. Do it equally on both.

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