Just got a 1976 j 400, can anyone answer some of these questions please.

The fuel pumps to carb, doesn't go into engine, any suggestions?
CAN someone please tell me the fuel line connections(3) from fuel tank cap to where.
Someone added a K & N adaptor for a 2 3/4" 59-2000 kn filter, should I bother keeping, does it add a horsepower or two??
Should I replace fuel lines w/ clear ones?
Is there such a thing as a aluminum fold up jet ski trailer to to this thing w/ a truck?

The original air cleaner had a fire baffle, did this help keep water out if engine, should I return air cleaner back to OEM?
IS there a place that has donor units parts for such things as the OEM black air cleaner.
What is an exhaust plug?
Is there a way to read vin to figure out serial #???
WHAT is the best way to winterize such a piece of equipment to avoid problems when Spring rolls around

INPUT please!!! posts or PMs too!!