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    09 260x 65hrs lost power, rough running

    last nite was out on the bay & while driving my buddy lost power on my ski while goin about 45-50mph on flat water. the ski stalls out if you dont touch the throttle, when running it has a (misfire) like shaking to the motor with a louder (open sounding) exhaust sound coming from the muffler. engine really didnt have any power eventho the boost gauge would go up, my buddy said he hear a sound like the boost was being dumped

    i was able to go above idle in a last ditch effort to get off the bay before night fall but that didnt work out bc i got about 1/2mile at 4mph and the motor stalled.

    Oil level good
    Super charger belt & pulley - good / just installed last week
    Motor cranks freely
    Hoses all look good

    any ideas guys?

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    09 260x 65hrs lost power, rough running

    Does the sc spin ? Change your plugs ? No codes or alarms loose park plug wires ? Water in the hull ? To me it sounds like sc since it won't hardly idle.

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    since it was 9pm by the time i got out of the water i didnt have a chance to remove the belt and check by hand.

    let me clear up a lil confusion... it DID idle at first & the boost gauge would go up when hitting the throttle.

    i will check plugs 2nite

    i will check for codes 2nite

    i will remove the belt & check the SC by hand

    no water in hull except a cup full amount if even

    when i got back onto the ski out there the motor was shaking but running...ya know kinda like a plug problem - no pings tics or bangs

    like i said the exhaust sounded very different... a louder sound.

    the engine will crank at normal speed with the belt on still obviously.

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    side note, would the boost gauge still go up if the SC was siezed or damaged. by buddy said he heard a sound like the boost was actually dumping freely (i.e. a blow off valve sticking open)

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    UPDATE, using my buddies ski which is a 250 on the same trailer we narrowed down my problem to no spark..component swapped and found BOTH coil packs went bad. plugs are fine and ski started rite up and ran on a hose with no problem lol


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    This post has been helpful so far as I've experiences a similar problem just last week.
    I'm not much of a motorhead so could you please clarify what you mean when you got "no spark" but the plugs were fine, what else sparks? What are the coil packs and where do I locate it to inspect them?


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