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    Help getting the valves in the correct orientation TDC

    I am trying to get a 4-tec motor back together. I have a new head and want to make sure I have the orientation correct before installing the head. I made a tool to turn the cam. It seems to always end in three locations with the springs closing the valves. I rotated it until I got the locking tool in place. My question is should all the valve be closed. I am ready to bolt the head, but wanted to be sure.

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    Re: Help getting the valves in the correct orientation TDC

    I know the pro rebuilders will chime in but, pretty sure yes. When I did my retainers they were all closed and after I rotated to timing mark they were closed also.
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    Cylinder 3 (next to the oil filler tube) needs to be tdc. Lock the crank in this position.
    All valves will be closed.
    You should be able to line up the marks for the correct timing now.
    Good luck!

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    It is much easier to do it withouth the rocker arms on. The rockers can go on after the timing is set.

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