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    96 seadoo xp hard start

    I am new here guys and was looking to get some advice as to why my 1996 seadoo xp is hard to start after sitting for a week. Normally i wouldn't think much of this but I have a seadoo hx with a 717 and it fires immediately. Also, I am using a new set of plugs every trip to the river and I am annoyed at the $6; plus I like things to work right.

    Here are the facts about the ski:
    The ski has about 135 hrs on it.
    Compression in both cylinders is 155 psi
    All the fuel lines were changed at the beginning of the summer
    Carb filters were cleaned but carbs were not rebuilt
    Once started, the ski runs like a beast but if I let it idle for more than 30 sec it may cut out.
    Starting it once warm is easy but I do need to give it like 1/8th throttle to start and then off i go.

    Here is what i do to start cold:
    Choke it a bit while cranking.
    Give it a little gas.
    Then it will start but dies immediately.
    Next thing i do is pull the plugs and they seem wet.
    Throw a new set of plugs in it and after cranking it a tiny bit it will start and seems to be okay. Smokes at startup but i don't think its excessive.

    So i don't know what it could be. Could it be a fuel problem? Or no since the plugs are wet when i pull them? Is it fouling plugs due to excess oil in the cylinders possibly from a leaking rotary valve or crank seal(s)? Could it be weak spark? Or no because it does start and run fine after I go through the above process? Other suggestions?

    I just want to figure this out so I know what it is and get it fixed. It makes me annoyed that I spend ten to fifteen minutes starting this ski at home before each trip out since I am scared it won't start at the ramp. I am not sure my mechanics I use are that great. They had the carbs off at the beginning of the season and I suggested a complete rebuild but they said just clean the filters so I don't really trust them. Rather try to correct myself first unless it gets beyond my level of expertise.

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    I also noticed when riding and hitting a large wake and jumping out of the water, the ski losses power for a few seconds. Seems like something in carbs gets rattled. Didn't know if this had anything to do with my current problem but thought it was worth mentioning.
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    I would suggest that you - purchase mikuni carb rebuild kit(s) and purchase new needle(s) and seat(s) - as it appears you have a leaking fuel issue

    it is also easier and cheaper to confirm a possible carb issue - rather then repair a leaking crank seal..

    The rebuild kit will come with an exploded view of the parts in the carb..

    The manual if needed can be downloaded at

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    I already have the manual but thank you. I guess rebuilding my carbs will be the first plan of attack before jumping to any conclusions. Thank you for the guidance. I didn't want to do something unnecessary.

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    I had a similar problem with my 95 xp 717 and after rebuilding carbs, no difference, replace carbs, no differance, I did a pressure test on the fuel system and It turned out I had a cracked neck on my fuel tank. There is a recall on tanks from that era. I ended up getting a free brand new fuel tank. Call your local dealer with a HIN/Vin # and see if the recall has ever been done. This may not be the culprit but a new fuel tank wouldn't hurt your feelings LOL!!

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    is the water coming out of your exhaust oily and grey, if so your carb is running rich and needs to be leaned out by adjusting carb

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