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    Seadoo 3d 2005 starting issues tough one

    Hello I'm having an issue with one of my 3ds I have 4 in total 3 of them 04s and 1 2005. Of course the one with the issue is the odd ball out so I can't swap parts.
    So here's the issue the dess key gets accepted but when I hit the start switch all you hear is a click from the solenoid. First thing I checked was if power was getting transferred and it wasn't so I replaced solenoid. And nothing. Same issue. Then I found that the starter was seized up. And I thought to myself "great I figured it out" order new starter. Install it and nothing but now engine turns when I put a jumper pack straight to starter.
    I try another new solenoid and nothing. Still doesn't transfer power.with the new starter I get a split second of engagement of the starter but not enough power to even turn on my test light.
    The only way it will transfer power is with the starter wire left unbolted. What's this a sign off? I'm pulling my hair!
    I've used wiring diagram and followed every wire in the starting system including grounds going to mpem. All ohm out perfect.

    The history of the ski is not much lately. 4 months ago the dess post went bad so I replaced it. And started it up once a week until now.

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    I've tried using jumper cables to eliminate the starter cable and nothing. Also used jumper cables to run an extra ground to the motor. No result.
    With volt meter the only loss of power is when I have starter disconnected and I ht the start button the battery voltage on the hotside drops from 12.6 to 11.7. Weird that it would draw so much without a starter engaged. That's why I keep looking for a short somewhere
    12.6 volts and when I hit start goes down to 11.7 with starter disconnected. And with starter coonnected it the solenoid barely activates and barely sends voltage to starter. I can't get a true reading of voltage drop on battery with starter on because its more of a spike loss but doesn't go under 11. The other weird thing is I have 12.6 volts on hot lead on solenoid purple wire and when I hit start it goes up to like .30 volts. Normal?

    Any new ideas?
    Quick question. I understand that a starter is just on big circuit of wires and should have continuity between + post and housing. Is it possible the it's back feeding somehow. I don't understand how it can transfer power without the starter.

    My main specialty is evinrude and mercury outboards. To me it almost sounds like when I hit the start button it sends the ground feed back up to the solenoid. Or maybe even a positive signal sent back to the brw/ylw igniter wire on the solenoid causing the ECM to stop sending the ground signal. Any ideas with these thoughts?

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    Three possible causes -

    the battery is no good and failing when under a load..

    the motor is locked up

    The jetpump is locked up

    remove the plugs and see if you can turn the motor by hand..

    remove the jetpump and see if you can turn the motor by hand..

    And since you know the starter turns, just use a screw driver and jump the two posts on the starter relay - the starter should crank as this bypasses everything else - except the battery..

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