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    Post your custom resprayed fzr/Fzs pics, needing some ideas!

    Hey guys, tried searching the forum for dedicated pics of fzr/Fzs painted or stickered up, I just bought a fZr and I want to respray the top deck, in puzzled as to what colour to go for, wouldn't mind some pics or ideas.. I'm thinking maybe matte black top deck, with the original black bits painted Fluro yellow ands thing decals.. Here's what it looks like now.

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    Here's a site with sone custom graphics. I didn't see FZR listed, but the FX graphics should work since the top deck is so similar.
    Where in AZ are you?

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    Just updated my 2010 FZS, See if this works

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    I'm from australia, but I just bought that from az and it's on it's way here, I got 6 weeks to figure out what I wanna do, I want to get rid of the blue 100%..

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    Bigreidy your stickers look tough! Who done them?

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    Jordan and the boys at Gold Coast Waverunners done them, Did a good job too

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