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Thread: 2009 Yamaha FZR

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    2009 Yamaha FZR

    Well, I think its time. Wife never rides on the ski with me anymore anyway because it bothers her back. Its probably time I get something both of us can practically use. Most of the people I used to ride skis with around here have sold them all.

    Gonna list up my 2009 Yamaha FZR with 30.1 hours sitting on a Yacht Club trailer. I am the original owner of the ski. There is one small scratch on the keel that has been touched up and other than that she is absolutely spotless inside and out. Zero fade on anything, when not on the water it lived its life in my garage. No tears in the seats or handlebar pad. I wash the engine bay alot as im very particular about my skis, quads, trucks. Clutch was freshly replaced at 24 hours. Took this ski to [email protected] on the seat in the heat with low fuel and the mods below. I know it has alot more in it but I just never took the time to swap plates and do all the shimming. I just rode it!

    R&D R3 Reflash with 8750 rev limit (Wanted to keep a low rev-limit, longevity sake)
    R&D C3-11 SC wheel
    R&D rideplate
    R&D sponsons
    Riva intake
    Riva ribbon delete
    Riva thru-hull exhaust
    Riva intercooler
    Riva engine cooling kit
    Riva mirror block-offs
    Skat Swirl 15/23
    GPR 85mm nozzle (reverse still installed)
    Added 3" air vents behind cowls
    Dedicated bilge switch in glove box
    TinyTach commercial in glove box
    Swapped to FZS seats and grab handle
    Yacht Club trailer with all LED lighting
    Original fire extinguisher, 2 Yamaha key-fobs, 1 OEM lanyard, OEM Manual, OEM toolkit

    This has been a very rec friendly setup and I run it on 91-92 octane. I chose not to pitch for astronomical rpm’s and I also chose a lower rev limit on my R3 flash. I have all of the stock parts should they be wanted. I can also put it back to dam near stock minus the Riva intercooler and thru-hull exhaust. I have all of the papers and install manuals for aftermarket parts. Ski is located in Olathe, Kansas. $10,500 on the trailer. My name is Jared, give me a holler if you have any questions 913-207-0390.

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    No afr gauge on this??

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    Bought one but never installed.

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