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    Exclamation Seadoo 2010 WAKEPRO 215HP FAULT CODE LIST.

    Hey guys.
    The other day I took my ski out for a quick cruise of the brisi river after work.
    It was running fine, until i crossed the wake of one of the fast cat ferries we have on the river, it wasn't a big wake, but i crossed it at full throttle, and all of a sudden the ski decelerated to a complete stop, i was standing when it happened and i bumped my leg/ groin on the safety lanyard as i my body weight moved forward due to the unexpected deceleration and hear the 2 beefs from the start up signal (what you normally hear when you turn the ignition on), I thought that was a bit weird but tried to go again anyway, the ski was slow to accelerate and only to 50kph max, so i stopped and check, thats when i notice all the fault lights up (IBR, ENGINE WARNING, O.T.A.S AND TEMP I THINK) scrolled through the fault code list and found:
    then noticed my brake/reverse lever wasn't engaging neutral and reverse.
    returned to the boat ramp and trailered the ski and returned home, then checked the fault codes again but only p0525 appeared.

    checked inside the hull for any signs of malfunction, lose cable connections etc, all appeared fine, checked the IBR bucket for signs of malfunction all seemed fine.
    next took intake grate off and looked into the jet pump incase of damage or something logged inside, all seemed ok except some wear on the white wear ing and some dents on the impeller blades but it wasn't too major.
    I am planning on taking the ski into a seadoo dealer but would just like to know what these faults mean so i have an indication of what sorta price I'm up against.
    Ive looked everywhere on the net but all the fault code lists i find don't have any of the faults listed above. i found a pdf list on on this forum once that had all of the seadoo 4tec fault codes. does anyone have this or can give me some hints? would be great

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    Dude, that is a serious list of codes. "P" codes are ECM. "C" codes are iBR.
    After looking all them up I think you either have the gauge/cluster or ECM main connector come loose. Check those first.
    If you need more detail of each code PM me.

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    +1.. I imagine a loose connector would trip a whole bunch of errors when a bucketfull of sensors went offline

    I'd go for the cluster connector first

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    Thanks for the reply guys.
    Just wondering where is this cluster connector located.
    Seadoo has replaced my instrument cluster once in the past (under warranty thank god) after some cracks in the clear glass/perspex allowed salt water in during some wave jumping a 100 odd clicks away from the nearest town on an isolated stretch of the east coast of queensland. was pretty hairy trying to get back not knowing how much fuel i had left, but made it just in time thanks to using the cruise and fuel consumption features. anyway im getting off topic.
    is the connector accesed from removing the front storage comparement and looking towards the cluster from the back or do i need to remove some plastic to get to it

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    also can anyone tell me what thease codes mean. i checked and i now only have P1550 AND P0523, from memory i think the P1550 is the O.T.A.S system. so im not to worried about it. but what about P0525

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