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    Slt 780 drive shaft

    I just picked up a 96 slt 780 cleaned carbs, replaced fuel line, and flushed fuel tank. When I started it in lake it made a extremly loud banging noise so i shut it down and took pump apart to find impeller and shaft beating around in the pump due to ate up bearings in cone. First off I got ski for free from friends parents and new it wasn't running well but he made it out to sound like carbs where clogged forgot to metion its loud noise. Shaft it ruined and most likely impeller its got a 14cm dia now so it has been ground down. My cone where bearings go has got deep scrapes so I most likely need to replace that. I am looking on ebay and see a complete jet pump impeller housing off a 96 sltx1050 with shaft will it fit my ski? If not anyone have any of the parts I mention above new or used on here before I start hunting them down? Thanks Greg

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    Found a impeller 5131079 will it fit on my ski? Mine is a 5131371 now.

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    I think the 371 is a better choice, but I am pretty sure the 079 will work.

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