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    Question gpr 1300 engine life expectancy????

    Hi guys, i cant seem to find my answer in any searches so sorry if i have repeated previous questions.

    I love my gpr's and am currently putting a stage 2 kit from riva on my 2000 model 1200, once summer is over i am considering selling it due to not wanting to do engine rebuild in another 30hrs, so my question is i am interested in looking at a 1300 non powervalve engine, do these efi non powervalve engines have a good life expectancy if maintained well unlike the 100hr rebuild the 1200 has?? or should i just keep my 1200 with the mods and rebuild it when needed, has anyone found any issues with the 1300's as far as reliability with minor mods.

    Cheers in advance

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    Some 1300's last 4 hours and some 240 hrs. My crank failed at 107 hrs and my brothers is still running strong at 147 hrs. Seems like the general consensus on the board is if you have 100 hrs plus and you are rebuilding go ahead and put a crank in and if you get 200 hrs start considering a rebuild. It's hard to say.

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