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    650sx Fuel Problem

    I am having a problem with getting fuel in the carb of my 1987 650sx. It has the external fuel pump which is working fine, but the carb won't get fuel unless I put my hand over the air intake to create vacuum. Once started it will stay running, but this, or putting fuel in the top is the only way to get it started. Any suggestions?

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    Aren't you using the choke system?

    The best way to start is to install a primer kit.

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    I am using the choke, but it still doesn't want to pull fuel. The needle and seat pivot operates smoothly. I haven't checked popoff pressure. A primer kit will take care of the problem I'm sure, since putting fuel in the top of the carb works everytime.

    Is there a common cause for this type of problem?

    I also considered machining out an aluminum choke plate without an opening in it to create the same effect as putting my hand over the carb.

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    Kawi skis are really cold blooded and it can be really difficult to start even with choke.
    If your factory choke has a hole in it, place a duct tape to block it instead of machining one - much easier.
    The best way is to install a primer kit - many guys do that.

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    Alright. Is there a good place to buy the primer kit?

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    Check pressure, I had a sim issue and took 2 loops off the spring, ran like a champ.

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