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Thread: 99 GTX Limited

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    99 GTX Limited

    I am coming over from the Polaris side. Former 94 750 SL Owner.

    I am looking a 99 GTX Limited ski.
    Its in great shape, 113 hrs on it. All The gauges work. Minor dock rash and seat fading but nothing special.

    Grey Tempo Fuel Lines. This is the 4th Seadoo i have looked at. One at a dealer no less. They all have it. This one is the best of the bunch though. The carbs were rebuilt at some point and whoever did it, changed the lines on the carbs to black lines.But the rest of the lines are the grey ones. Carb rebuild and swap the lines out are in store. Price reduced!!

    Questions i havent been able to find answers for or have found conflicting data.

    Compression check - 150 Psi with a 5% Difference between cyl, low would be ???? 120 PSI??
    Noise in the water - Now my Polaris rattled, clanged and banged! That was normal and was a good thing, least you knew all the parts were still on it!! With the 99 seadoo's and that noise reduction system(D sea bil?? ) What should i NOT hear?
    RPM - In the water 1500rpm max being 7200??
    Any other tips and hints would be greatly appreciated
    Thank you

    Crap owner sold it as is to some poor bugger
    Last edited by KaiserSose; 09-09-2012 at 09:34 AM. Reason: Owner Sold it from under me!! GRRR

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    120 would be los compression. If both cylinders are the same don't worry too much about the number. Seadoo drivelines rattle out of the water. It should be pretty smooth sounding in the water. the noise reuction is just supposed to quiet the exhaust. More than anything it just gets in the way when you change the battery. Set the idle rpm wherever you want it. I usually set idle a little low so you don't cruise too fast with your hand off the throttle. 7200 wide open is good. Boat should run upper 50s. Tips: Don't let the battery die. Don't let it sit too long without cranking it up for a few seconds here and there. Store it with the seat cracked so it doesn't hold condensation. Cover the eigine with spray lube and it will stay clean looking and won't corrode. Check all the exhaust fastners. Enjoy.

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