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    oil/sludge in exhaust water

    I changed out the spark plugs in one of my 2002 1200 xlt's yesterday and today when I fired it up on the hose some sludge/oil started coming out of the water outlet. Not sure what or where it's coming from anyone got any ideas??? It's got the wave clips, chip, d-plate, but still has the oil system in place. We've ran it no problems 6 - 8 times this season including last weekend. Here's a video of what we're seeing:

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    I did a compression test this morning, cylinder one is only getting a reading of about 85. Not sure what happened, but it's not looking good. Think I'm gonna have to pull the head to see what's going on. Any tricks, tips, or gotchas before I start?

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    Sounds like you lost the inner seal on your head gasket. This would allow fuel/oil to mix with the exhaust water jacket and would also explain the low pressure reading.

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    Nice! thanks for the reply fingers crossed that's the case. I was contemplating merv's mystery oil or whatever it is, but I think I wanna do what is right, no band-aids here. It was kinda sad with me and the girl on the one ski today, fun none the less but sad. I'll pop the top and see what's going on it is strange that it happen after I change the plugs, I think I'll need to test that new plug to make sure it's firing as well.

    How much psi can the water system with stand? Is it possible to damage the engine with the garden hose turned up to far? I know my jet boat doesn't like to have more than 20psi or it can blow an exhaust gasket and fill the lower two cylinders with water (guess how I learned that lesson).
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    Not sure, no figures to reference. Use common sense and lessons learned New head gasket, flush exhaust system on the hose then head for the lake/river/ocean.

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    Ok, so I got the head to come off and now I'm just waiting for the gaskets to get here. While I wait on FedEx I do have a couple of questions I would like to get some opinions on:

    1) For starters do the cylinders look alright?

    2) Can/should I clean them with something?

    3) It looks like you don't use any gasket adhesive on these gaskets, that's correct right?

    4) Should I use blue loctite on the bolts when I put it back together?

    *SMLaker - The gulf is our playground! and I appreciate all the advice you have given.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Cylinder #3
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    Cylinder #2
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    Cylinder #1
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    Or your compression could be low because it was running lean in that cylinder, it looks pretty dry compared to the others and the top of the head looks like it has a grey ring if thats the same cylender that has low compression, what did the spark plugs look like? and no you cant hurt it on a garden hose unless you leave it running with the engine off.

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    Jug one and two look good. Jug three looks a little lean. No need to clean jugs. Clean the pv's if it's a pv motor. Buy an oem head gasket and oem cover gasket. No need to apply anything if using new oem. Use lock time but ,ake sure you tighten to specs and in sequence!

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    @thatdude596 - Will do, OEM gaskets on the way and service guide in hand. It is a pv motor, I cleaned out the tops of them when I installed the waveaters last month. But now would be a good time to go ahead and remove them and clean'em up.

    @caliburn - I had just changed the plugs and fired her up for the first time on the new ones. The old ones were the BR8ES's, but I put in the BR8ES-11's.
    Here are the old plugs the cylinder # they each came out of are written on the boxes:
    Click image for larger version. 

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    The new head gasket did the trick. Flushed it a few times on the hose after the install and the oil cleared right up. We took it out on the water last Sunday and it ran great. I kept it under 40 just to be on the safe side. That's for everyone's help!

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