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    broken throttle on 96 slt 700

    Throttle lever busted.
    Looks like they are NLA and the only ones I see new are like over fifty bucks!

    Is it very hard to rig a finger throttle?

    Anyone have a throttle lever they could sell for cheap?

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    Its part number 5431397

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    Buy the $60 dollar PJS finger throttle from John Zigler and never look back. If you break that, you probably have bigger problems to deal with than just a broken throttle lever. Its a beautiful piece!!!!

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    I am looking at the will prob be closer to $70 with shipping. At the risk of sounding like a tight arse it seems like a lot to put into the ski, especially just a throttle lever. I think I will go that route before I put $50 plus in a plastic NOS polaris POS that is going to break again.
    Would rather rig something up for closer to $20, don't care so much if it's finger or thumb just as long as it works.

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    I have spares from 94/95/96 SLT 750s / 780s. If you think it will work, PM me an offer......

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    Here is a picture of the broken lever
    It is part number 5431397

    Part number is on the underside of the lever.

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    Exclamation i fixed mine with some marine bond 3000psi and it worked [email protected] lowes.

    Quote Originally Posted by greenbean View Post
    Here is a picture of the broken lever
    It is part number 5431397

    Part number is on the underside of the lever.

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    I thought about getting the epoxy after it...

    May just go the $60 finger throttle one....don't want to have to F around with this's hell owning an old piece of crap ski that isn't worth sh$t...hard to justify even piddly parts.

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    I can't send a PM for whatever friggin reason. I don't know what to offer you on it would ten bucks work for it?

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    What are the smiles worth when it is running well and you are out on the water?

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