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    2012 RXPX 260 RS pump shoe seal problem help!


    I have a 2012 RXPX 260.
    Mods are intake grate, solas, air filter and tabs.

    I have had a problem with the rubber gasket which sits on the end of the pump in between the pump shoe.
    It is being blown out at the very bottom of the pump - as if there is a faulty seal in that area?

    Has anyone else experienced this?

    I have been really careful installing the pump back to the pump shoe so i'm not trapping or dislodging the seal.

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    mine did this but i just figured i pinched it, if its not cavitating i wouldnt worry about it, being at the bottom where it is pinched that is the hardest area to see if the seal is in correctly, you probably pinched it, spray it with silicone before you put it on it may slide a little easier, my old 04 rxp would blow out some times and i put sealant on it to basically silicone the damn thing in there, no issues so far on the new rxp, i am at 35 hours so far

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    Your not alone. I know someone who has this problem.

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    Mine had the same problem . I took it to the dealer and he fixed it free of charge.

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    Some dealerships are great a fixing skis BUT I've also seen A LOT that break more than they fix..
    Sometimes its better to do things yourself that way you know its done right!!

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