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    Why is the 800 different from the 1200??

    OK, I'll preface this by saying that I've only been a two-stroke guy for a couple years, and learning a lot from this site.

    Ok, it's obvious it's got an extra cylinder, but why are there other differences between the two. You'd think that the three cylinders would be set up exactly the same (same carb specs, same porting, etc) and just adding another cylinder to the crank would add 50% more power... but why the changes if a single cylinder is set up for optimum performance, then why couldn't you just add a second and third set up the exact same way??

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    I'm sure if the 1200 were to have the same cylinders as the 800(which have more agressive porting) the fuel consumption would be crazy,and also the emissions would be very high also

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