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    Replacement Float

    My fuel gauge is always showing low even with gas in the tank and so I think it is time for a new float as indicated here: http://polarispwcknowledge.shorturl....shows-low-fuel

    I have located what appears to be the correct part here:

    Now onto the real question: is there a manual anywhere or instructions on how to replace this part for a sl 900. I am sure I could just take the part to a shop and have it installed but I would rather save the money and do it myself as I would think it should only involve removing some bolts and parts to do the swap. Is there any more information anyone can point me toward?

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    Search the polaris pwc knowledge site. There are links to "Instructions" in there.

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    Closest thing to instructions I can find is this image:

    From that and the product description I assume I remove the fuel sender unit and the part is located inside that tube.

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