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    1997 GTX - Good deal?

    Hi Everyone,

    I am looking at a 1997 GTX tomorrow. I am looking for a cheaper ski, around $1200 so I am not expecting it to be perfect. I am going on what he has told me to this point. The guy said it has normal dings for it's age but it runs great. The gas gauge and speedometer don't work, which seems to be normal on these older models. After many questions I wrestled the 236 hours out of him. Which sounds way high to me and almost scared me away. I wanted to know what you guys thought. It spent it's life in fresh water until last year when it was run in brackish water from then on. Never left in the water and always flushed. He said the compression is 150 in each cylinder which of course I will check. He also mentioned the rave valves have been recently cleaned, rebuilt carbs and new fuel lines. The good sign is he offered to run it in the water for me.

    Here is the listing...

    I am curious to see what you guys think. If 236 hrs is ridiculous and not worth it, let me know I am crazy and to keep looking.

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    If it runs out good and that's the true compression reading I wouldn't be scared. Definately try to talk him down as the seats will need recovered (not cheap) and the gauges don't work. I've worked on several 787 powered machines that had over 400 hours on them and still ran good. I would at least like to see it rode hard out on the water first though.

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    $1200 isn't bad but you can get him down with that many hours on it. If compression is good like 150 that's really good. Carbs being cleaned and new fuel lines is a big bonus. Gas gauge is a couple hour job and cheap to do. Speedo could just could be missing the paddle wheel on the back or the sending unit is bad (50-80 bux-15 min. job), you can see the hours on the hour meter when the key is put on. My GTX went 525 hours on stock motor, and was sunk twice. New motor installed still going strong!

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