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    stubborn supercharger - 03 GTX

    Im having trouble removing my supercharger for the 100 hr rebuild. Just bought the ski and its at 132hrs. Supercharger is fine but im not risking my engine. I have followed all the steps to get it ready to send to Jerry for a rebuild but am stuck trying to get it off the engine. I can move it port and starboard using a rubber mallet or wood and hammer. I cannot make it budge by hand. Moving it back and forth this way for about half an hour I have only managed to get it about 1mm out (thickness of a piece of paper). Any suggestions on what I should try? I have sprayed some penetrating oil on the mating surface between the engine and sc. I have also tried turning the sc impeller a bit to make sure its not bound to the gears. Should I hook a wrench on the sc bolt and give it a little twist to make sure its not bound? Im temped to get my wife to pry on the case using a screwdriver between the engine and sc as I rotate it port & starbord using the mallet and wood with hammer. I hope it is not as difficult to get it back on after the rebuild! Any advice and experience would be great. Thanks in advance for your help with this.

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    yes its going to be a byotch to take off.
    i was using blocks of wood and wedges to shim btw the engine and SC, to wedge it outwards, while i wiggled it port to starboard. and beat on it with a wooden mallet from under and around the outside to try to bang it out.
    you need to get some leverage to pull it out of the engine, while turning it.
    its not the gears bound up, dont worry about that.
    also , if you wedge it from the top try to pull it out from the bottom, so your not jamming the SC against the hole in the engine, by pulling it unevenly,
    you need to keep lubing it and get it loose enough to turn port/starboard by hand.
    it took me several hours to get mine out.
    it will go back in in 5 seconds, with new o rings and some marine grease, worst case you can use a scotch brite pad to clean the snout of the SC off, get rid of all the corrosion and crud.
    put alot of grease on it to put it back in, and lay a bead of grease along the seam btw the sc and the engine case to keep water form geting in there ever again.
    once you get it off the 1st time it will go in and out very easily!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by lextoy View Post
    once you get it off the 1st time it will go in and out very easily!!!!!!
    Uhmmmm are you still talking about the supercharger or did you just go WAY off topic?

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    That's weird. I just pulled mine right out! And yes, we are talking about the SC.

    Lex is right. Seems like a friend will need to twist and pull as you wedge something that WON't splinter in between the SC and motor. Lot's of WD-40.

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    Thank you all for your help, I finally go the sc off!!! For those having the same issue, here is the how to: I ended up using a pair of channel locks for leverage on the output snout of the sc and a long handled flat head screwdriver to pry between the case and sc. Use a pice of thick cloth or carboard to pad the channel lock jaws, I started out without any padding and had second thoughts about that after putting some shallow teeth marks in the metal. I pried from different spots as I rotated the sc port and starboard. Once it started freeing up I removed the tools and did it by hand. It took about 10 min using this method.

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