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    long run problem

    I have a 95 polaris 650. Cleaned the fuel tank, rebuilt carbs,new fuel lines, even installed a pre filter.Fuel shut off was bipassed. Ski runs great for about 15 minutes then starts to lose power. I can nurse it along with the choke. But at this point it is done for the day. Looking for options.

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    What fuel PUMP are you using? Did you get the triple outlet Mikuni one? If not, start there. I THINK I read that heat can cause a failing stator to stumble? Check the the electrical output of the stator and battery once the engine is nice and warm (i.e. after the 15 minute mark). Also, I don't think you're supposed to really bypass the fuel shut off, just the petcock. The shut off was to keep fuel from leaking out into the hull and turning you toy into fiberglass shrapnel. Have you looked here: ?

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    Some people choose to remove the fuel shut off. To me it is a personal preference. With pressure build ups in the fuel tank, it is possible that fuel may flood the motor without the shut off in place.

    If you are able to nurse it along with the choke, that would point to a lean condition.

    What does your piston wash look like?
    When you rebuilt your carbs, what was your pop off pressure? A
    s Burton mentioned, did you upgrade the fuel pump?
    Do you have an inline restrictor in place?
    What is the prefilter? You should only install a genuine OEM Polaris Fuel filter in the fuel system. Anything else can disrupt / limit fuel flow.

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    Check your fuel tank vents. Next time it happens open the gas cap and see if there is a vacuum in the tank.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BryanP View Post
    Check your fuel tank vents. Next time it happens open the gas cap and see if there is a vacuum in the tank.
    If there is a major air pressure release when you crack the gas cap open, then let the pressure equalize.

    Reclose the gas cap and see it the machine now runs properly. If it does run better then you may have a stuck shut check valve in the fuel tank venting.

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