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    1998 gsx zero mag compression

    Hi Guys
    I have a 1998 gsx ltd, I bought it used last year and the previous owner just did a top end rebuild. I went out on the water last weekend and it just started to bog down. I put it on the trailer got it started(by pressing the throttle quite a bit) hooked a hose up to it and it idle fine for about 20 mins. I then proceeded to put it back on the water again and within 5 mins it bogged down again. I brougt it home and did a compression test "0" on the mag side and 90 on the pto side. Now my question is could this just be a dirty carb problem? Or does it need another new top end? Rebuilding the top end is my last option I want to make sure I explore every avenue first.

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    Sounds like somebody didn't fix the root of the first top end failure. You'll need to do a top end and figure out what's going on. Pull the head and give us pics of the pistons.

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    Yea sounds like someone may not have been square with you on the work that was supposed to be done. Pull the raves on both cylinders, then with flashlight look down to see the tops and sides of each piston. Dont think it will be a pretty picture. Fuel issues need to be addressed before ski will be ridable or repeat the same thing.

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