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    Johnson Powered Sea Doo LULZ

    Check this out!

    Here's the description and pics for when the ad gets flagged.

    I got this jet sky from my fren for free cause he blowed the moter so i put my grampas motor on the back case hes he dont use it anymor my dad said he thinks you will get killed on it so hes makin me sell it to someon else. its almose don it just needs stuff hoked up. The moter riuns grete if you spray hair spray into te careberater case the gas tank isnt hookd up yet. i think wen its done it wil prolly do about 32 or 85 miles an our anim sure the womin will love it and alwase ask fer rider on it i dont have a cell fone an my parents dont ether so call my grammas house an tell her but talk loud cause shes def. i will take best offers. ps this is a good birfday present for a kid. 604-593-0752

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    PRICELESS! Amazing what some lumber and lag screws can accomplish! lol

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    LMAO! I love it

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    i'm guessing one arm behind you to steer?

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    Bah, he needs to add some pulleys so the handlebars can steer it

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