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    Parting out 1999 Genesis FICHT

    I am going to part out a 99 Genesis. Just had the EMM repaired/serviced and updated for $600 but the machine still isn't running right. Could be TPS or fuel pump or the grey fuel lines are fouling the injectors. I am in the Bahamas and there is no one to service it over here. I will sell the ski intact if someone is willing to cover the shipping otherwise I will have to break it down. If you are interested in parts or if you know of another forum or classifieds that would be a better place to post this, please let me know.

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    Too bad I couldn't fly there and fix it for you.

    Working vacation in the Bahamas

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    don't junk it..your just a tps/cps away from it running. Not much can plug up a fitch fuel injector. What did dfi say was wrong with the emm?

    I'd take a look at it next timne I'm down that way but I've already be warned about working while there ( they found my little tool bag on an inspection and flat out asked me if I was going to be working.

    I told him..if your rental cars were worth a nickle..I wouldn't be bring tools on a holiday!

    Still took my name down

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