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    Anybody installed Gas Valves on a GP1200R without Tripple Pipes?

    After numerous rebuilds from stock powervalves and R and D Billet Powervalves coming into contact with the pistons (yes it looks like they can wear out after high-hour engine use or engines that have had detonation problems in the past, like mine). I know you have to install the NPT fittings in the cylinder area where the old servo controlled valves go but are there any other issues due to running a stock, single pipe GPR motor (D plate and Higher compression Riva 41cc premium gas heads)?
    It is getting too expensive to rebuild this engine and re-chrome the jugs every couple of years (do to the R and D powervalves coming into contact with the piston and rings). I even made sure there was .040 thousands of room , last rebuild, between the guillotines and the piston for clearance. That is almost double the clearance recommended from R and D and after only about 80 hours on the engine, they all came into contact with all three pistons (number 3 cylinder's valve completely broke off and is somewhere in the exhaust). There wasn't even signs of overheating of the cylinders due to no scuffing of the cylinder walls or pistons except on the exhaust side where the powervalves scrapped things up.
    I have been assured that due to the design of the Sea Doo gas powervalves, there isnt any way for the valve to ever come into contact with the piston like the stock designed GP1200R with servo motor. The Valves and the valve stops in the cylinder jug can both wear out over time because they are both aluminum. I also have replaced a servo motor 4 years ago so I would never have to worry about another servo motor going bad in the future. My R and D valves are worn out anyway so I might as well put my money into the gas valves. Then I don't have to worry about the valve problem anymore. Any engine builder or user who has had trouble making this work, please let me know. I have read a couple of posts on this and Riva's forum about having to run the gas valves only when accompanied by triple pipes. Thank you guys for any advice or help, Steve.

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    Me and a few other tuners here on the board have built a bunch of single pipes with gas valves. I actually prefer them.

    Its not a problem at all, you just need to know a few tricks to get the #1 valve cap to clear the pipe.

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