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    96 Waveraider 1200 backfires through exchaust

    Can anyone give me any ideas as to why my 96 waveraider 1200 would be backfiring through the exhaust? I recently cleaned out the carbs and replaced the whole stator system since including the coils and cdi due to lack of spark on cylinder 3. After this it now backfires on occasions through the exhaust. When I rebuild the carbs, I saw one of the pumps had a creased check valve, could this be the source of the problem?


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    Backfiring in the exhaust is typically caused by excessive fuel or spark timing issues. If you didn't replace the check valves..certainly need to. and for that ski, it's suggested to only use an OEM kit since the check valves are a constant source of problems ( search is your friend here).

    check the electrics for any loose connections

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