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    New to me 03 Sportster 4 tec

    I have a few questions, 1 the fuel pump 10a fuse burned up after about 3 hours of use. Also I noticed quite a bit of cavitating which I would think would be the wear ring going bad. It only has 93 hours on it but I am betting that it has never been replaced. I cannot seem to find an exploded view or any detailed instruction on how to remove the pump from this boat so I can change out the wear ring. Any help would be greatly appreciated! I am a noob to the boat but also have an RXP which I have never had these problems with.

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    the pump is the same as on your rxp as im aware, only difference is that you will have to unscrew the bigger reverse bucket and there's no vts, personally, even though i never disassembled a pump, i just started unscrewing everything on an iBR ski, it took me a while but i got it done, let a pro do the rest and assemble it, saw how easy it was and will do it myself again when i have to.

    replace the fuse, see if it happens again, it might be a bad fuse..
    sadly i dont know where to get a tutorial or anything on how to be more precise. just note each step, take a picture, and place the screws/everything in a small jar for that step, keep on going...

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