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    90 Superjet SN 650 Questions

    Questions about a 90 650 SN Superjet

    I have a couple questions about my ski.

    1. My intermediate shaft bearing was shot, so I bought a complete housing off eBay. It seems the rear oil seals are not pressed in as far as my old ones. Were the old ones in too far, or is the new one wrong? I see an indent in the hull where the seal lip probably should be touching, so this seems like it will work. Also, should I coat the housing with silicone before I put it back on? The old one had no silicone.

    2. The previous owner had changed the siphon bilge over to the reduction nozzle. The tee that serviced that siphon hose and the large hose coming out of the stator was plugged up with silicone. That caused the large hose to split down the side. Is that a problem, or did he cut the hose on purpose(it looks pretty straight like a cut, not a blowout). What's a solution here, or leave it be?

    3. Water hose routing is not stock. There is one line that has a bolt in the end on the bottom of the pic. If you can see it, I wonder where it originally went to?

    I have the line from the pump going into the stock exhaust that is not in the pic. The the upper yellow hos goes to the head and to a pisser that is out the left side of the hull mid-way so I can see if it's getting water. There is a 3/4 garden hose tap and plug in the line coming from the pump for flush, etc.

    4. My ride plate is a pro tec extended. It had no shims at all and the two rear bolts had female hex heads that were frozen inside. I got them out OK by drilling the head off, removing the plate, then cranking out with vice-grips after a couple days soaking in PB Blaster. My question is, can I shim this plate down or not?

    Any help would be appreciated

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    1 it's ok yes on some sealer
    2 hose is old and worn out,old style bilge had water going thru big hose to create vacuum on small hose on plastic block in way is going straight to nozzle with anti siphon valve
    3 one with bolt may have been over board dump,short one next to it where flush kit went
    4 try plate with out shims,if bounce around to much try shimming
    for better info go to

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