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Thread: Torque sequence

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    Torque sequence

    When I was putting my GP800 together, I was wondering if it's possible to have the jug slightly twisted (even by a fraction of a degree) when you torque it down, which would make the surface to the exhaust manifold slightly at an angle. Not knowing, I bolted both the manifold and jugs down alternately. Once they were both down, I did final torque on the jug, then removed the exhaust (because I had not put the caps on the power valves), and then finished the work.

    I'm wondering if anyone actually has seen alignment issues because the jug wasn't 'perfectly' aligned when they torqued it down. Is that possible to happen, if only by a fraction of a degree??

    Was going to do the same procedure on my 1200, just in case.

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    you should have the alignment dowels pints inserted on the cylinders to prevent this. If you did not add the pins thats a big No No. take it apart and add the pins. The pins are what prevents This!!

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