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    Unable to seat spark plugs 260x

    New to the forum and looking for a little help. I have a 2010 260x which I purchased used with 9hrs. I now have 20 and decided to check the spark plugs. #1 and #2 came out easily but i had trouble removing #3 and #4. The plugs were in bad shape so i decided to replace them. I replaced 1-3 applying anti seize and torqueing them to spec. When I installed a plug into #4, the plug is only going in half way. I don't want to force it and run the risk of snapping it off. Is there a special tool for cleaning the threads in the head or is it more serious than that? Has anyone had this problem before? Thanks for the help!

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    You need a spark plug thread chaser.

    Use a good anti-seize compound when installing the plugs. The best is called Mica Lubricant, from The BG Service Company. A 4-ounce can will last a lifetime.

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    I used an old plug and a lil WD-40 and was able to clean the threads out by tightening and backing out a few times. The new plug went in easy. I will definitely check them more often in the future. Thanks for the response.

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    10mm-1 sparkplug tap works, the hard part is getting down to the hole. You will need to buy a tap extension or you can do like I did and turn a 3/8 drive extension into a holder by tapping out the drive side with a10/32 tap and putting a 1/4" long set screw to hold it and shimmimg the tap with breakable skill blades. It worked well and after I pulled all the plugs and blow the shaving out by cranking it over with a rag laying on top of the head.

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