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    GTX 787 broken RAVE valves

    so after fixing my rotary valve and starter, the ski ran great. I pulled it out of the garage today to fine tune the carbs for this weekend. I started it up and turned around to go turn on the hose when it stalled out on me before i got it turned on. then I tried to crank it and it didn't want to turn over. so I took out the plugs and it still wouldn't crank over. I took out the rave valves to look at the pistons and both of the valves are broken, pistons look good, and it will crank fine without the valves in it. it looks like the people that i got it from never cleaned them. I can get new valves, but I don't know if these caused more damage or why it even happened. it only has 95 hours on it, but I don't know any of the history on it. anybody else seen this before?
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    Ouch man, first don't run the motor anymore till you find the left over pieces, if you are lucky they blew out the exhaust, if not then they are in the bottom end of your motor waiting dormant till your on a nice ride and blow your motor up. You need to update to the newer raves that have slots in them, they don't break like the old ones did. I also broke a rave, piece fell and jammed the piston and shut off motor, no damage luckily! I would clean and inspect my raves after every 3-4 rides and I used Amsoil synthetic oil/ Seadoo XPS. I would pull your head off, and inspect the pistons/cylinders and see if you can find the pieces in the exhaust. I then would order new seals for the head etc and replace all those as well. Torque it all back to spec and get new raves. If you need assistance PM me.

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    This was common issue. i believe seadoo recalled them for replacements. i have a couple if you need them. Pm me

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    Do you know what year the motor is? You may need new RAVE housings as well if yours look like 1 in my picture below. The updated housings look like 2 and work with the slotted RAVE valves.

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    i have a pair off a 96 gtx, if you need them mine are complete all you need is the gasket..

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