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    2002 GTX RFI rough idle, bog at 2000-2500 rpm with new SBT motor

    I recently bought a 2002 GTX RFI, and it did not run, did a compression check and one cylinder dead, took it apart and the rod was self destructing. I bought an SBT motor and installed it. It starts easily, but of kind of idles rough, but when I throttle it fast, it runs strong. It has not been in the water yet. However if I gradually increase throttle from idle it starts to bog and misses and sometimes stalls at about 2500 rpm. If I push it harder it seems to past that range, sounds and feels strong. I gapped the plugs at .20, then .24, even .30 to see if it made any difference. Seems strange that the manual states .20 - .24 gap with a CDI ignition. I have had other ski's and dirt bikes that normally gap at .40 - .45. I do not have an MProgramer or other electronic test tools. Any ideas?

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    Have you thoroughly clean all of the fuel system? This is the biggest problem on any pwc or outboard for that matter. When fuel sits over winter and year after year it evaporates and leaves a varnish film on everything in the system. The residue doesnt easily wash off with fresh fuel either. It reduces all metering passages and clogs up anywhere it can sit and build up. Doesnt matter how clean the tank looks. Fuel can start out nearly clear, and after one winter sitting is now yellow. More time it starts to turn brown. At this point you can have a mess. On fuel injected systems the computer cant adjust the fuel supply enough to compensate for restricted passages or bad gas.

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    You need a closed TPS reset. That will straighten out the low end running condition.

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    Quote Originally Posted by revon053 View Post
    You need a closed TPS reset. That will straighten out the low end running condition.
    You'll need some tooling for that. Either find a shop with a Candoo system ( or some of the others out there) or purchase the home system for $400 ( least expensive of all solutions for the home mechanic). Frankly speaking, it's a must have for anybody with a RFI/DI ski. It will pay for itself quickly as the home unit supports 4 individual skis, which leaves you some opportunities for things to be done for pals ( like keys for example). You can't read error conditions from an rfi or di without one and if the MAINT light goes on you are absolutely going to need one ( unless you have a big box of known good spares and lots of time to change parts around)

    I get $50(minimum labor) for a TPS reset for a point of reference, no doubt at a dealer it could cost you the one hour minimum ( anywhere for $85 to $150)

    I'd also suggest an inexpensive fuel pressure tester ( you'll need to splice in a check valve since for that model seadoo sells an expensive adapter. use otiker clamps to put the adapter into the fuel line going to the injector rail.

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