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    2000 STX Di 1100 Magnetic Key Lock Problem

    Hi Everybody,

    So i have a 2000 Kawasaki STX Di 1100 and the magnetic key lock connected to the battery won't turn. I JUST used the key 2 weeks ago and it was fine and turned. I don't think it is the magnets in the key, i believe it is the pins located in the key port itself on the jet ski. Im wondering if there is anyway i can fix this myself, or am i going to have to bring it in?

    Please let me know! Thank you very much for your time!

    - wind

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    Don't know. You can try to take it out and work on it on the bench. Some people bypass the switch altogether. Or, you can buy a used switch/keys off of Ebay. A dealer will probably soak you to fix it.

    You might try trimming the little tabs on the key, too.

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    The ski I got didnt come with a key, I just took the unit apart and pulled all the magnets out of it so you can just turn it by hand.

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