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    Seadoo GTX 1997 Exhaust Issues.

    Help please!!! I took my ski out yesterday and almost sank it out at sea. Had to tie up to a buoy to stop it from going any further under. When I got back to the ramp I drained the water and found that the plastic fitting that goes thru the hull for the exhaust had melted and had 2 holes in it. How, what and why? Any help with this little problem would be greatly appreciated.

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    Are you talking about the fitting at the rear of the ski where the exhaust comes out of the hull? You might have clogged cooling lines, did the pisser out the back piss water?

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    Hey surferd. Yes the fitting that the exhaust comes out. I still have water coming out of the exhaust hose, I have just got the ski. When i got back home and flushed the engine the pisser did have water coming out of it. I am about to pull the exhaust cooler box and check to see it it is clogged up. I did notice that the plastic material that the fitting is made of seems to have, almost corroded/melted a bit where the exhaust hose fits on.Could this be due to excessive heat and not enough water flow the the RAVE valve?

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    Seems like your water regulator (RAVE looking thing on waterbox) is not getting water to it or is is clogged and faulty.

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    So KYHI is it better to have it turned all the way in or all the way out?

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    The water regulator valve should not be all the way in or all the way out. It should be set as specified in the shop manual. Fully tighten clockwise, loosen 3 full turns counterclockwise.

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    Legend, Thanks JoelKatz, much appreciated. So would an incorrect setting on this cause enough heat build up to melt the plastic fitting that goes thru the hull?

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    Hard to tell I've had engines overheat and never a melted that part, usually its the rubber hose from the pipe to the exhaust
    Check this hose for leaks or bubbling.

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    Think I may have found the problem. Decided to do a bit of a service, cleaned the pick ups in the hull, removed RAVE valves, found one was not even working, stripped thread on the valve piston, pulled apart the water box valve and found a seed stuck in the brass fitting, drastically reducing water flow. Now I am just waiting for my new fitting to arrive and give it a go. Cheers for the help chaps.

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    Had the same problem today with my new 2015 GTI. The exhaust heat alarm went off as I was riding and shut the ski off then took it to the shallow water by the time I made it there the ski had sunk half way the back already. Opened the front compartment and the took the seat off and that thing was smoking. Found out the big thick hose that goes from the metal exhaust muffler to the plastic part of the exhaust had melted completely. The whole inlet of the plastic hose melted completely and also on the metal part of the exhaust the sensor melted out completely as well. This sucks. Brand new ski with only 3 hours on it

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