I recently purchased a 1996 Seadoo gtx with the 787 white motor. It needed a new top end but I had to take the crankcase completely apart to get some parts of the ring out thathat fell in after the disassembly. I made a scribe line on the rotary valve with the pto side at tdc. I put everything back together the way it came off. The first time I ran it I was running with mixed fuel aprx 50:1 the break in period went great but it wouldn't let me past 40mph. But if I came from a complete stop and gave it all it had it would take off awesome but once again Once I hit high speed it would die. Ok, so I took it out again once last week and once again yesterday. Now its having trouble starting and its bogging even more once it does start to run. At an idle it will run forever but once I give it gas its done for. Idk if this is a rectifier, carb, or maybe even a rotary valve problem. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. This is my first build. Idk if this helps any but the engine is bored .40 over.