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    Diagnostic help..clacking noise while cranking

    This is an 06' Seadoo GTI, it was a rental machine and has 670 hours on it. It was taken to another shop after it sank last year, I don't know why but the "shop" said they needed to do the timing and then it sat supposedly for 8 months untouched...This is just what I was told anyways.

    Regardless if you watch the video you can hear what it is doing now. It is also throwing a P0344 code. My conclusion is a bent rod but I'm not as familiar with this engine as I am others and don't know the sound.

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    So incase anyone is wondering I did solve this. The timing chain tentioner was bad. It's a hydraulic cylinder with a check ball inside and should fill with oil in the pto housing in order to keep rigid tension on the timing chain. Well would have been an easy fix had I known before I ripped the engine out and tore it apart so hopefully this will help someone.

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    I was going to suggest checking the tensioner. I experienced the same type noise after rebuilding a motor a year later. all the oil leaked from the tensioner and would only tension after oil pressure was established

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