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    1999 gp1200 need the pros to chime in on this problem i am having

    ok have a 99 gp1200,full sbt engine last year with carb rebuild,ran like a monster 63mph with a 300lb guy riding it, had the starter bendix freeze up because the gasket on the stator cover was shot and took in water and got the bendix rusted and stuck,pulled the flywheel dropped in new bendix she ran good as new for about 20 minutes,then she would bog now and then at full throttle,almost like the ignition was cutting out,it only happened a few times,but each time i went out it got a little worse,ok last week it got to the point where i was racing a rxt and she just cut right out fully and died,took a while to fire her back up,then the bogging intermittenly all day got the best of me so i took her home and figured it would be either the stator from the rust from the bad gasket or the ignition box either a coil or cdi so i changed out everything,the entire stator cover and flywheel,the entire ignition box with all wiring and put in all new spark plug.she fired right up took her out to the water got on her full throttle and she did it again,ran perfect hit 63.6 on gps then out of nowhere bogged down until i let off the throttle then came right back to full power,when shes on full power she feel perfect until i get this bog that really feels like the overheat sensor is limiting my rpms(changed the overheat sensor also when i did the box and stator) also tried her on reserve and on with the fuel selector and no change
    battery voltage is perfect with brand new agm battery, what could this be?

    really need some help on this one
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    How do the plugs look are you sure you aren't running lean and seizing the motor

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    its not a seize,its almost exactly like the rev limiter cuts in and wont give full power and just bogs it down until it fires back up,it only happens for a few seconds at a time then back to normal

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    Quote Originally Posted by junny View Post
    its not a seize
    Famous last words...have you checked the compression lately?

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    Since you did all the electrical stuff it sounds like a fuel problem. Have you checked the valve on top of the tank. if it is bad and not letting air in the tank the carbs. are starving for fuel from the vacuum created in the tank. have you considered bad fuel. and like Cutlass said compression test.

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    ok compression test done tonight 125 120 120 fuel is same fuel used in all my other skis,thought about the check valve so today when it was bogging i reached down and opened the gas cap,no change,going to check the flapper door on the fuel pickup tomorrow morning.

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    Maybe your kill switch is faulty?

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