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    How to upgrade to the newer HO Pump?

    Okay, so I'm reading alot here about getting more low and top end out of the newer HO pumps than the older ones.

    First, I have a 04 XLT, will this work at all, and if so, what parts exactly do I need? I would assume...

    Pump housing, bearings, etc.
    The extension housing.
    Longer pump shaft.

    How about impeller, does it require a different impeller?


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    Its the same pump, just a little different stator. You would need a new stator section, rear cone and O ring, and a dynafly impeller.

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    Im betting WFO (rich) has all those parts to hook your xlt up with HO pump

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    I have a complete HO pump (05 pump ) if your interested

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