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    701 62t problems

    bought the ski and took it to the lake, put it in the water and it ran fine for a minute then ran like it was dropping a cylinder then ran fine for a while again then got worse. runs off and on almost like the heat sensor is kicking in... so i cut back the plug wires back and put new caps.. nothing.. changed the plugs twice didn't make a difference.. opened up the e box and disconnected the heat sensor.. nothing.. wondering if anyone had this problem and it was the stator? going to put a different coil and cdi in it tomorrow and try that before i tear into the stator

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    clean inside plug caps too,sometime get carbon track

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    It could be something simple like water in the fuel. Is it on reserve? Otherwise I would suspect a bad "lighting" coil on the stator.

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    CHeck the resistivity on the plug wires/coil. I have had a plug wire break down in the middle of the wire, like 2" out from the electrical box. Cannot explain how an actual metal wire center plug wire breaks down but it does happen. I have also had a coil go bad on one side.
    NOTE: if you can determine which cyl is dropping out (cooler jug or plug shows it) you will know the stator is ok. Both plugs fire at the same time, from the same signal, and from the same coil. The coil is double ended. The plug fires at close to top dead center, and bottom dead center. You can switch plug wires from cyl to cyl with no problem. 2 cyl yamaha's only. 3 cyl engines are independant firing.

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