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    951cc performance package

    Looking to spend anything under $500 on my 2000 gtx 951cc...want to gain some top end mph. Any suggestions?????

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    IMHO sell it for around 3 grand and pick up an early 185hp or 215hp ski for about 3500 to 4000 and you will be way ahead of the game. I love your ski but to make it much faster is expensive and often makes it finicky. Of course this is just my opinion and I am sure you will get plenty more. Take your ski out and ride it.

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    The 951 will go boom if you start tweaking...

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    Bull hockey!! They dont go boom unless someone has neglected motor over the years. I dont believe that big hulled 185 or 215 will be any faster than this 2000 GTX. That thing is a tank! And heavy as a lead crap sled.

    Now with that said I am building up a sleeper 2000 GTX 951 as you are reading this. Complete from the ground cable up. Just finishing up the engine tonite. Bored out 1.5mm and new crank assembly installed. Will be cutting the head and adjusting the static timing. Most everything done will not need any reprogramming, since its not really advantageous on this large of a ski. Pus an additional expense I dont want to invest in. The prop will get repitched. This is some adjustment to the lower expansion chamber and modifications to water injection. Rejetting and open flame arrestors. Nothing over the top, but very noticeable on the water. While I dont care so much about gaining a lot in mph, my goal is just getting to top speed a lot faster. A stock 2000 GTX 951 unless really tuned and fresh is lucky to do 57-58mph at best. This one I am building up should peak at 63-64 at just over 7000 rpm.

    By next weekend I should have all of the machine work finished and will document everything posting it over at the Seadoo projects if you are interested in seeing whats involved.

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